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Del Mail

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What Are You Chasing?

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chasingAre you chasing anything besides a new pair of shoes, shirt, popularity, sexual conquers, the latest and greatest material things? What are your eyes set on? I’m trying to get better vision of God’s use for me. I’m chasing him all day. Sometimes I’m at my desk and I think of his goodness man and want to cry, overwhelmed with gratitude. I know what is like to have nothing. I know what its like to be around everyone and feel alone. I know what its like for people to not care about who you are as a person but only sexually. I can’t chase man for anything. I can’t chase things anymore. I’m much more concerned with being a purpose. God made me a scriber, so I write. I will write.


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God’s Servant

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I want to infect the world emotionally and heal people and set them free-

I’m a healer and a scriber –

How can I sit here and not do the work of God when he’s done everything for me always?



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Some people shout, some people speak in tongues, I Cry . I use to be so ashamed at church but this is my way of praise. The overwhelming feeling of emotions can not be articulate with the tongue not with my feet it generates a liquid praise! I so love God!!