Being In Love

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I’m beginning to feel as if being in love is about the complete dive into the essence of love. It’s about releasing all fear, caution and hesitations and surrendering your entire being to another being. It’s not about holding them accountable for your happiness or any other emotion. It allows that other person to be who they are and to be committed to the totality of them. Doesn’t mean it’s perfect or they do everything right. Being in love is about a true vow and commitment to indulging in each other with free will. I’m still learning. I’m still loving

My Dude

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I’m territorial about my dude
I require attention from my dude
You don’t have to be physically in my space but I like to feel connected
I’m an emotional guy and I like to discuss our emotions – you have to be a communicator
I’ll protect you from the world but I need to know I could cry to you too
I’m spoiled, pleasing and thoughtful
I will write about you, do paintings inspired by you and dance for you
If you only Love Me

The Black culture stand on BODY PICS

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Let’s discuss this: it’s my opinion that the black culture is very judgmental, negative and creates a lot of self hate, self doubt and fear. When someone posts a shirtless pic or a pic in their underwear it’s typical for most blacks to think one of the following; he wants attention, he’s a whore, he doesn’t respect himself, he will never get in a relationship, leave something to the imagination- it’s extremely rare that someone says artistically speaking that’s a nice pic or that’s so dope he’s comfortable in his akin or admire his freedom. I have had people tell me I’m showing too much skin?!?! I’m giving off the wrong impression (as if I was trying to give an impression to begin with). I don’t need the attention from the masses and if a picture dictates sexual behavior (that’s a very ignorant way of thinking) I myself use to be so insecure about my body and now I have fallen in love with. It’s art to me. I have watched it become so many shapes and sizes and I admire it and I capture it in a pic. It just concerns me that the average black person’s mentality is so saturated with judgment. Why can’t people just say hey wow that’s so nice he loves his body or he’s comfortable in his skin – why does it have to be he’s a hoe and he wants attention etc. Your thoughts?

The Grown Up Hurt Kid

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It’s a beautiful thing when the hurt younger you grows up. Most of is have experienced some childhood pain even trauma and we became stuck right there. We latched on to the pain and didn’t move, and probably didn’t know how to get passed it. But there’s healing available to us Thank GOD! I was healed of some things and so were other people who went through their adult life to carrying the hurt 5,7,12, 16 year old them. Can you imagine every now and then reverting to that kid in response to adult situations. God watched over me, healed me and gave me a gift to help others heal through art. #BeautifulRuins

Beautiful Ruins

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Beautiful Ruins
┬ęDel Antonio
Beautiful ruins
Beautifully ruined
What happened to me
What happened to you
You’re just a product of hurt
And so you hurt me too
Mr Molester
Raper of my innocence
Planting seeds of sexual preference
Even though I didn’t know how to prefer any of it
You took it
Taught wrongs
Learned harm
Who damaged you
Because you damaged me
My childhood problems should be which GI Joe do I play with
Not why is he touching me
Why is he grinding on me
Pressing his body on me
You are ruining me
My innocence, don’t take it please
That’s your wee wee
You’re not suppose to put it on me
We’re family, you’re my cousin
I can’t afford this
I don’t want to be ruined
We shouldn’t be screwing
I’m a kid
Hey! I’m just a kid
Get off me
I said so silently
But you didn’t hear me
You just continued to use me
Ruin me
And I grew up
Carrying the curiosity of homo lust
And I gave in
Identified as bi
Then said I’m gay and screamed
My cards
So unfair
I wish I could find you
But I don’t know how to look for you
I became a beautiful disaster
Than sugar dissolving in kool aid
Grape kool aid
Reminds me of those days
When you would touch me in a way
That I didn’t like
Why didn’t I fight
Because I can fight
Instead I just cried
And said God why
Why me
Now I know
I lived through it
To share this testimony
I was ruined
A beautiful ruin
But I was restored
And furthermore
I gained self love
No longer reckless and hurtful
So to all those ruined
My beautiful ruins
You can get through this
I’m a witness to it


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Mr. Miraclous

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