Your Mistake (I Want To Be)

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Your Mistake (I Want To Be)

©Del Antonio

I wish I could have been one of your mistakes 

Cause today

You are looking for something more

Something to feed your core 

You said you were tired of making silly mistakes

Horny mistakes unfulfilling mistakes 

You had outgrown the less

Now pushing yourself to the best

The best you, that you could be 

No time for distractions 

And here comes me

Alluring and inviting

Stimulating your mind and

You say I’m easy on the eyes 


Some dudes wanting your attention

But you made sure to mention 

That you required all my attention

You had became disciplined 

So disciplined made me wonder how you were living 

But you like me 

And I like you

The energy is beyond dope 

Well it is like dope

A bit addictive see

Everyday you I need to see

No excuses no stories don’t bore me

Just get over here

It’s not about me holding you all the time

This time you can hold me 

I know you like that 

Pressing your dick against my back

But you are looking for so much more

And I just recently close the door

I have nothing to feel I’m frozen

I had already been chosen 

By pain by heartbreak

By sex

So I wish I was one of your mistakes

I wish I was your past

I wish aggressive passionate sex we had

But you had run out of mistakes

It was a new day 

And I respect that

But I can’t stop seeing you 

Just like you can’t stop seeing me

I wonder what will happen 

I guess what’s meant to be will be 

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Nobody Wants to be Molested

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Preydator (Prey +Predator

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Preydator (Prey + Predator)

©Del Antonio

Shout out to the young me

I was special I had to be

Because my older cousin touched me – I was his prey

So pray for the older me

His affection and touches confused me – Shoutout to my cousin, everybody pray

Because he was someone’s prey 

So he became a predator

Preyed on me, pray for me

As I got older

Internally sexually emotionally I tortured – pray for the prey

And the preydator 

I’m not the only kid with this story see, there’s other little boys like me

So you pray for the prey 

That they don’t become preydators and users – body abusers

Pray that they heal and that they don’t go out there and emotionally sexually kill

Doing unto others as they had been done too

Doesn’t mean they are pedophiles

But molesting people’s emotions

Just to swim in their oceans

Prey I pray you don’t become a preydator – a hurter

Because I dated some, met some, used to be friends with some

Doing all thing in the name of cum

Addicted to sex and can’t find any rest

Constantly hunting molesting others

Please pray for the prey 

That they heal and don’t become adults molesting other adults

Emotionally capturing, physically enticing creating a cycle 

Let it end please stop

Pray for the prey 

That they heal today

No Fucks to Give

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I Don’t Fuck With You 

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