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Mr. Miraclous

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If you are interested in purchasing this piece email me at delantoniojames@gmail.com

Fuck Love

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If you are interested in purchasing this piece email me at delantoniojames@gmail.com


For The Love of Del

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For the Love of Del
┬ęDel Antonio
How childish we get
When we can’t have what we want
What we won’t work for
You expect me to lay down at your feet
And worship you
Like your king D
Yea you are intelligent and have sex appeal
But you lack the ability to emotionally thrill
You bore me
You’re like stale bread changing colors
And maybe I’m too lazy to throw it out
So it gets older
And I see it everyday just as much as I see you
Really no need for you
But again I’m just use to you
But I apologize I grew up
And I’m over that fake fighting
Just so you can fake make up
imitate real love
And why don’t we go on dates
Oh yea it’s come over have a drink
When really you just want some sex
And it’s not that I don’t want to
But there’s a line for empty sexy dudes
Who for me they want to use
But I need emotional stimulation
And yes affection
No question mark behind it
I’m out here on this boat
I’ll find it
So if it takes Ronnie, Ricky, Johnathan and Mike
Followed by Cedric, Brian, Anthony, Ray Ray it’s alright
Because I know that I journeyed for something true
Something I could feel
I’m over your basic introduction of
Oh let’s just kick it
You’re still stuck between the first day of your ex
And when y’all broke up
The lights been green but you won’t move
So I give up
So don’t get mad at me
Because I got over the unfulfilling, Unsatisfying, unauthentic, unneeded
Call me what you want
I’ll be on a journey for love
You’ll still be logging on apps
And maybe that’s cool for you

My Vow

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I made myself a vow that I will end any kind of relationship with anyone who consistently creates me to be someone I’m not. I will never allow anyone a front row seat in my life to make me feel bad about who I am when I know I am a good person! Be careful of who’s around you, because when people feel intimidated by you they operate in survival mode and ignorant to the fact that it is not a competition.

SEXY ?!?!

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Sexy isn’t a compliment to a person who dwells in the spiritual realm. For a basic person saturated in their flesh – that may be flattering

Giving You The Best

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Allow someone to give you the best of them. Sometimes we meet people and honestly it’s just not good timing for them. Yet we want to be there. We see a way when in their eyes there is no way. You may take it as rejection but someone is telling you I’m not at my best and what I am is not what I want to give you. Be ok with that, that’s called respect. Allow people to give you the best of them.